8 June 2007

Madness struck last night!

I don't know what happened but after a restless day I overcame my fear and aversion to exercise and went to the pool to join the other ladies of Middlesham for a swim!! I have not swum for about 9 years but I remembered how to do it!! "DH" had said it was 'like riding a bike' and I'd be fine! I pointed out I hadn't ridden a bike since I was seventeen and did that entail the possibility of drowning??!! I always was and probably always will be a sarki mare!!
I swam lengths for 30mins and really enjoyed myself. It was interesting being with just ladies- as there was no racing or competitiveness of any type! Sedate lengths with conversation-rather nice really! My fave thing strangely enough was floating on my back in the deep end-I must have looked a loon with a goofy grin on my face- but it felt so otherworldly somehow!!

My aversion to exercise has come from 2 things- asthma and my hot thing! I always struggled to breathe and any exercise would just reduce me to a wheeze, frightening and not conducive to prancing around!! However our new Doc put me on magical TURBOHALER (superhero music) which has reduced my asthma to 'not there' status except if I have a cold- so that's COOL!
The second is genetic. I think my body embraces the Irishness of my genetics a little too enthusiastically at times. I look like an upside down pint of Guinness for starters! Then there's the fact I cannot cope with any temp about about 21degrees centigrade without breaking out into huge sweats accommpanied by a beet red face *sigh*
I remember when i was 16 or so going to play badminton with my Mum. I was very fit then and was able to play happily for an hour or so. However the LOOK of me would have made yu think I was a heart attack victim- sweating madly, BRIGHT red face- whereas my Ma (who was a lady of 50plus) was as fresh as a daisy!!

So I hate this getting hot thing- I mean I HATE it- It's embarrassing and I feel awful as it takes me an age to cool down! So swimming seemed perfect- who sweats with swimming??
I DO!!!!!
I was getting dried off and it started *rolleyes*
I perspired copiously all the way home and my face felt like it was BURNING with heat!!
Still I slumped during 'Hustle' and eventually cooled off and went for a shower!!
WHAT am I like???!!! *grin*

Still I REALLY loved the feeling of swimming and will go again!

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