21 May 2007

Dare 54 Lavish use of....

Well it HAD to be GLITTER for me didn't it?!!! Tee-Hee!!!

Lucky enough to have had a Craft Central open up her near the Oak Tree and I found this cute £1.99 Balsa wood chest. I splooshed on purlple, pink and blue pearlescent paints
and then attacked it with TONNES of glitter!
After allowing to dry I added various Basic Grey rub ons and a few pearls for extra sparkle.
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13 May 2007

Felt Fun and Pokemon!!

We love Pokemon in our house and wanting to get back to some toy making I decided to purchase a lovely Japanese book that combined both.
I think I originally saw a similar book on Etsy which had pages of these teeny cute felt 'mascot' dolls. As I looked into it I realised just how many books were published in Japan with the CUTEST pocket sized dolls/toys and other mascots- just adorable!
I was really pleased to find a book entitled '190 Felt Mascots' available from a lovely lady on ebay who sent the book from Japan. Yes the book is in Japanese and delightfully you start from the back of the book and work forwards- obvious if you KNOW that Japanese scans from right to left but still lovely to see IRL! The patterns in the book are clearly drawn along with the diagrams making language skills redundant, although I have fathomed the Kanji for 'ear' , 'eye' and 'glue'. Admitedly these are not going to be of any use to me should I be lost in Japan but it made me happy!!!
'The Blonde One' had a go at making a felPublisht mascot and created a very cute Pokemon character called Apom from the monkey pattern! He's starting his second one tomorrow!

Transparent Experiment!!!

The challenge this week on Collectively Yours was to utilise a Transparent element on your layout. Here I printed an X-Ray onto acetate and framed it with complementary black and white papers. The journalling consisted of emails about the X-Ray and the situation hat arose. It was nice to be able to show the X-Ray off in this way as it's a very dramatic image.

Patterned Papers: Basic Grey, Black Tie; Paper Crate; K&Co
Other: 7gypsies Gaffer Tape; Twill Tape; Small Alpha Stamps; QuicKutz Uptown Girl Alphabet

12 May 2007

Eurovision Tonight!!

When it was announced last Saturday that Doctor Who would be returning in TWO WEEKS there was much Booing and cat calling in our house!
But I suppose that if it has to be bumped I'd rather it was for a great night's madness like The Eurovision Song Contest. Good Luck to the Ultra Camp UK entry Scooch. 'DH' and I cheered loudly when they got through as our entry as they provided much entertainment and full on performance!! It can't do any worse than Daz and his chorus of umpteenagers can it??!
The Hero of the evening and the REAL reason we watch Eurovision is dear Old Sir Tel, Terry Wogan. There's a lovely piece on teh BBC News website that sums him up perfectly;
"Sir Terry has been the UK's bemused guide to the Eurovision since the 1970s, and the permanent TV commentator since 1980.

His gentle jibes and professional bewilderment are now as much a part of the competition as the ridiculous costumes and nonsensical lyrics.

Quotes such as "That's the same song the French have been singing since they hung the washing up on the Maginot Line," are quoted and repeated on countless Eurovision fan sites.

Other favourites include, "You're wearing that shirt for a bet" - his astonished proclamation as a Latvian entrant took to the stage; and the observation that "Dutch voters are traditionally as mad as a bucket of frogs."

Class Stuff and NOT to be missed!!
I admit I am one of Terry's Young Gals and have been since his very earliest days on the Radio2 when my Mother listened on our battered radio on the kitchen window sill. The great thing is now I can inflict Terry's mad musings on my own children, trapped as they are each morning in the car Bwahahahahaha!

11 May 2007

Collectively Yours Dare 52

Dare 53 was Circles!
I used slides I found of me and printed them out and cut them into circles- like thought bubbles.
Happy days from a happy childhood
Used my trusty CM circle cutter.
Also used my Crafters Workshop Template for the journalling.
Doodlebug frills were added around the photos as a frame.
QK Revolution 'Finale' alphabet for the title.
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10 May 2007

Great Celebrating in our House!!

The 'Boy with the Hair' has overcome his nerves and with great determination cycled without stabilisers!!
With a little help (mostly pretend!) from Daddy he rode alone! This left him feeling much more positive about the whole riding experience and will no doubt lead to more solo bike riding.

ScrapaGoGo April Kit used.

9 May 2007

Felted Teddy

He's done! He's a little lop sided but I'm really pleased for a first attempt and it was FAST too which is always a bonus!
I managed to stab myself twice after being distracted for a second- so good going by my standards!!
I photographed him on on my Hermi dispenser so yu can see the size of him- he's just a wee man but alreday to impress the ladies with his bow tie and flowers!!

7 May 2007

Introducing 'Collectively Yours'

Hard to believe that The Speshal Dares is 52 weeks or 1 Year Old !!!!!! *passes out party poppers and cake*
To celebrate the birthday of our fave Scrapping Dares we have relaunched as Collectively Yours.
Pop over and see the fab inspiration- get your scrapping juices flowing again!!

5 May 2007

Teeny Tiny Baby Spidders!!!

'The Blonde One' found these little fellows yesterday so teeny and so cute but FAST!!!
If you blow over them they scatter at quite a rate!! Sorry to any arachniphobes - rather love bugs of all types myself!


Look it's our TREE!!!!!
A pressy from archie planted by her DD when she was ickle. We've named tree Conkers Bonkers and hopefully he'll be spreading his roots soon!!!

4 May 2007



If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want. Stay connected so we can trace you.

If you are hyperactive, click on sixty numbers at random, do three back somersaults and throw the keyboard through the window.

If you are delusional, click on 7 and you will be connected to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to click on.

If you suffer drug‑induced hallucinations, press the left eye of the little pink hippopotamus in front of you.

If you have amnesia, click on 8 and give your name. address, phone number date of birth National Insurance number and your mother's maiden name.

If you have a nervous disorder. please fidget with the hash key until you get a connection.

If you have short‑term memory loss. click on 9.

If you have short‑term memory loss. click on 9.

If you have short‑term memory loss click on 9.

If you have low self-esteem, please disconnect now as our website is too busy to deal with you.

3 May 2007


Hooray the new series of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is showing! I sit and I marvel at the families and the builders and the houses and blub at the stories- wonderful life affirming tv- LOVE IT!!!
I watched the Thomas family episodes yesterday (yay for Sky+) and saw that our own Limey Ed Sanders did a very silly thing. Ed mashed his hand good and proper bu I see from his blog that whilst messy his hand is recovering and happily he is still helping families with the team!
Great people, great programme, lovely joy making stuff!!

1 May 2007

New QuicKutz Shapes

The new QuicKutz shapes are here and they are for those who like DIY
or maybe members of the Village People?! REALLY pleased to see some large flower shapes
for the QK Revolution- maybe they read
my mind??!! Also a great Revolution die another flourish- always so useful.

Decided to have a go at...

...needle felting and bought this kit from Christie Bears. Great Service! Kit came super fast and I have everything I need to start- except finger protectors!! I will have to look after my fingers MYSELF!!!!

Eagerly awaiting....

....May's ScrapaGoGo kit after seeing this piccie! And LOOK it has pink glitter glaze too *swoon*