12 May 2007

Eurovision Tonight!!

When it was announced last Saturday that Doctor Who would be returning in TWO WEEKS there was much Booing and cat calling in our house!
But I suppose that if it has to be bumped I'd rather it was for a great night's madness like The Eurovision Song Contest. Good Luck to the Ultra Camp UK entry Scooch. 'DH' and I cheered loudly when they got through as our entry as they provided much entertainment and full on performance!! It can't do any worse than Daz and his chorus of umpteenagers can it??!
The Hero of the evening and the REAL reason we watch Eurovision is dear Old Sir Tel, Terry Wogan. There's a lovely piece on teh BBC News website that sums him up perfectly;
"Sir Terry has been the UK's bemused guide to the Eurovision since the 1970s, and the permanent TV commentator since 1980.

His gentle jibes and professional bewilderment are now as much a part of the competition as the ridiculous costumes and nonsensical lyrics.

Quotes such as "That's the same song the French have been singing since they hung the washing up on the Maginot Line," are quoted and repeated on countless Eurovision fan sites.

Other favourites include, "You're wearing that shirt for a bet" - his astonished proclamation as a Latvian entrant took to the stage; and the observation that "Dutch voters are traditionally as mad as a bucket of frogs."

Class Stuff and NOT to be missed!!
I admit I am one of Terry's Young Gals and have been since his very earliest days on the Radio2 when my Mother listened on our battered radio on the kitchen window sill. The great thing is now I can inflict Terry's mad musings on my own children, trapped as they are each morning in the car Bwahahahahaha!

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