22 August 2006

Germans Home on the Range???!!!

Well last time I reported Kitsch was in the air....it's hit BIG TIME here at the old Oak Tree.
We've gotten our cowboy boots on and we're planning a ho-down to Texas Lightning...they have a horribly catchy tune that gets into your brain and has you humming it all day...
What dials up the Kitsch Rating on this one is that this was the Eurovision entry for GERMANY???!!!
Yes Germany are doing the square dance- hmmm thats' strangely appropriate but I digress...
'No, no never' listen to this tune without humming it FOR EVER!!!!
But we love it- YEE-HAW!!!!!

Kitsch is in the air!

Ca Plane Pour Moi by the great Belgique songster ( and only probably!!) Plastic Bertrand has been blasting out through the branches of the oak tree this week.
Steve Wright is to blame as he played it last week on his show and the munchkins caught onto it straight away.
I thought it would get us all in the mood for a bit of the Gaelic language before our trip on Saturday....although how many times we might need the phrase ' my cat is doused with whisley and alight on my bed' is debateable but best be preapared eh?!

20 August 2006

Who needs exercise- just put on some music!

As a fairy of a certain age- my metabolism isn't what it used to be and sometimes getting off the ground can be a bit of a heave ho affair.
Still I was encouraged by elvish friends to partake in exercise and inspite of myself I REALLY enjoyed it. The results are a buffer fairy bod- toned and ready to flitter!
Well my fave exercise is actually chatting- you should see the developemnt of my vocal chords- they are RIPPED!
But when I'm not chatting I love to sing- and in recent months I have been possessed of the magic that is 'iPod' which when combined the all powerfil 'iTunes' produces music in ones ears- fantastic!
Well I was sent this today by a fellow fairy and want now to do this as my new workout.
The guys are OK Go and 'here it is again' is their new single available from the Music Tree or iTunes as the mortals call it!
See this most EXCELLENT video here.....
  • Four Men, Eight Treadmills

  • ENJOY!

    14 August 2006

    A great read!

    As an advocate of Fairy Rights I thinks it's important that non fairy types no more about us so they can be awares- after all squished fairy makes a terrible stain that is a divil of a job to get out!
    So I was delighted when this book 'A Flower Fairies Journal' appeared 'as if by magic' in the branches of my oak tree this morning!
    I feel that Cecily M Barker was truely blessed with fairy sight for she captures perfectly the mood of a fairy dell as well as rendering the dainty turn of a fairy foot.
    Well this book is a treasure trove that is a feast for the eyes as well as the brain.
    Each turn of the page brings forth a host of delights. Delicate water colour paintings dance across the page showing fairies and their habitats. As an added element little envelopes and letters are dotted around to be opened and explored making this book beautifully interactive.
    Available from www.play.com
    It will entrance old and young alike- maybe a little look over the shoulder for the wee ones to make sure they don't open any enclosures TOO enthusiastically! But a real treat for all.
    Only the most wicked beast could fail to be moved to a love of the little folk by this book.

    Been Busy

    Have to keep my Fairy Mind busy so I capture memories, moments feelings in pictures :O)

    3 August 2006

    All a wry in the land of Blogdom

    Off for beer will return hopefully with inspiration and pictures!