20 August 2006

Who needs exercise- just put on some music!

As a fairy of a certain age- my metabolism isn't what it used to be and sometimes getting off the ground can be a bit of a heave ho affair.
Still I was encouraged by elvish friends to partake in exercise and inspite of myself I REALLY enjoyed it. The results are a buffer fairy bod- toned and ready to flitter!
Well my fave exercise is actually chatting- you should see the developemnt of my vocal chords- they are RIPPED!
But when I'm not chatting I love to sing- and in recent months I have been possessed of the magic that is 'iPod' which when combined the all powerfil 'iTunes' produces music in ones ears- fantastic!
Well I was sent this today by a fellow fairy and want now to do this as my new workout.
The guys are OK Go and 'here it is again' is their new single available from the Music Tree or iTunes as the mortals call it!
See this most EXCELLENT video here.....
  • Four Men, Eight Treadmills

  • ENJOY!

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