29 May 2008

New Wheels- stash on the move!!!

Farewell Dear Daisy :O(

After my lovely Berlingo Daisy had a slight accident which initially seemed cosmetic but then the insurance company wrote her off *mourns the Berlingo* I needed new wheels. After all I am a scrapper and child/beagle transporter and I need to get around!
I was devastated when Daisy was condemned :O( never had a car 'put down' before and I am a soppy coo when it comes to cars- cannot pass wreckers without a tear in the eye and a wish for vehicular resurrection.

Funds were sorted out earlier this week and so I began looking in earnest and straightaway spotted this very pretty Bingo and local too!! So after manly tyre kicking 'DH' decided car was sound and could withstand the rigours of our family and a deal was struck! WOO-HOO!!! This scrapper's gonna be mobile again 2morrow VROOM-VROOM!!!!

26 May 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

To my sunny little Gemini who is NINE today!! We wish you as much joy as you have brought to us!
'The Boy with the Hair' is NINE and we are celebrating with help from his favourites such as Pokemon, Raving Rabbids 2, Rupert Bear and Lego!! The Lush bathbomb was of particular interest to the furriest member of he family!!

23 May 2008

Little Houses, Little Houses and they're all made out of...

....NOT ticky-tac but ATCs!!!
Thanks to Clare for the heads up on this cool ATC swap Little Houses.
Currently I have 21 variously house shaped ATcs scattered about my desk in different states of inkiness!!! There is much faffing and playing going on or 'sperimenting as it's known in our house!!!
I can't stop singing 'Wait til your Father gets...til your FAther gets...wait til your Fathr gets home' I LOATHED that cartoon so much !!!
- Note to self DO NOT apply Crackle Paint over paper stuck onto ATC- unfortunate peeling occurs!!!!

22 May 2008

Back in time!

The 'Boy with the Hair' is dressed as an evacuee today and mighty cute he looks too!
We had the devil's own job to get his wild mop of hair under control!! I tell you I don't think Stu-stu-Studio Line wouldn't DARE test their products on my boy's hair- even their strongest Manga Hair gel was having a hard job keeping his tufts in a semi-down position!!!

18 May 2008

Prima Playing!!

So I received my Prima lovelies from Charmed Cards yesterday and I played today- gorgeous papers, just perfect for my Family's Singapore pictures.


Good grief I've actually scrapped- AT LAST!!!! :O)

16 May 2008

Prima Yum!

Loving Prima Lovliness *swoon* how LUSH are these papers and trims??!

14 May 2008

Happy Birthday Beagley-Boo!!!

Willow Pillow is 1 year old today.
No party, no cake (not Blue Peter yannow!!!)
But a £1.50 charity shop Elmo- now renamed 'BITE ME Elmo!!!"
Oh and on a disgusting note a fried pig's ear!!!

Elmo is getting attacked although he's having a small rest as Willow is hunting for the dead chick that just fell in the garden (I've just binned that- don't want more bird guts after the wood pigeon the other week!!)
Pig's ear kept her busy for 15mins!!!

11 May 2008

ATCs -stamps in action!

I've been playing with my new stamps from Tanda Stamps, Crafty Individuals, Tim Holtz, Lost Coast Designs and the Paperbag Studio ones I bought from Debbie. I kitted myself out with some mini misters and an ink applicator so (hopefully!) no more inky mitts!! Have played with Twinkling H2O's for the first time and they give a lovely shimmer to the work!
These ATC's are for swaps going on over the next few months- had fun playing so I did a few sets at once!

4 May 2008

On the iPod.....

Chillin' to Nara by ES Posthumus (theme from Cold Case)

Groovin' to Sam Sparrow 'Black & Gold'

Being philosophical and weird with the Eels.

7gypsies new stuff

If anyone wants their ears clipped- I'm your woman LOL
New ATC punch so I can add more ATC's to more ATC SPinner!!