11 May 2008

ATCs -stamps in action!

I've been playing with my new stamps from Tanda Stamps, Crafty Individuals, Tim Holtz, Lost Coast Designs and the Paperbag Studio ones I bought from Debbie. I kitted myself out with some mini misters and an ink applicator so (hopefully!) no more inky mitts!! Have played with Twinkling H2O's for the first time and they give a lovely shimmer to the work!
These ATC's are for swaps going on over the next few months- had fun playing so I did a few sets at once!


Clare said...

*schlurp* inky yumminess! - and you used a flower!! :D hope 2 of these are mine :D

jaihn said...

Hallo Hallo - lovely to see you over at truly spacious today! Thank you for visiting and enjoying and saying kind things.

Yes; our Birthdays are fast approaching again - I spent this year mistakenly thinking I was already the age I am about to be... so it's a bit 'take 2' this time around... dizzy middle-aged style...

Will enjoy a good look through your creativities before long.

Good to be in touch again, eh.

Love xxx