28 September 2006

PIZZA box -Yeah!!!

I love it when the Postman brings a Pizza box *imagine a Cheshire Cat grin here*
Yesterday it was a delivery from A Trip Down Memory Lane (http://www.atripdownmemorylane.co.uk)
Those norty girls there had some of my beloved Rusty Pickle papers in and who was I to resist??!! Oh and a few 7gypsies papers 'fell' in there too, strange how that happens!!
So Mel and Jill - Thank you!


Christmas comes early!

No not a visit from my friend the Christmas fairy but a mission handed.
The Mission: to create cards from recycled Christmas papers.
Well as it's September I set out to track down fab and funky wrapping paper full of confidence.
All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for my Crocs!
I walked my little legs off searching for Christmas wrap.
Sadly only a handful of shops had ANY paper out.
If I'd been looking for CHrissy cards, decorations even advent calendars I would have been quids in. Yet the story over and over again was ' not til next week at the earliest."
Oh well!

Still I did not come away empty handed and yesterday spent a happy day upto my eyes in glue, paper and glitter.

Job DONE!!

Noni Bag update!

Noni Bag is GORGEOUS!!!
It is currently parked as I am awaiting a pair of handles to arrive!!
Pictures soon!!!

Croc Attack!!!

I admit it I've been bitten by the Crocs!!! Not as painful as it sounds!
My sandals are very flat and they make my legs ache or 'my eggs lake' as I keep saying- DOH!!! I guess that makes me a little old lady....anyways I figured I'd buy something with a bit of a heel. However it's Autumn now and slip on sandals are scarcer than hen's teeth. It was the excuse I've been looking for....time to order Crocs.
These are BIG with scrapbookers probably because they are weird but also because they can be customised! The chance to decorate a shoe is just too good an opportunity for a crafter to pass up!

Crocs are NOT PRETTY despite the rainbow of colours they come in but oh my they are comfy!!
They are made of a foam that prevents foot stink (always a bonus!) and weighs next to nothing. They are also bumpy on the inner sole-this might be for comfort and grip OR could this mean an end to rough skin on feet??!!

I played safe this time and went for the navy Crocs (the colour that is!!) but I do have my eye on the BRIGHT pink ones for Summer!!

My sprogs opinion? " Mummy WHY are you wearing CLOWN SHOES" *sigh*

22 September 2006

Time to make a list!

I have jobs to do and I am avoiding them.
Nothing major, nothing big just some things that need posting, sorting, making but they are starting to mount up, along with a feeling of 'not getting them OUT OF THE WAY"
Bad feeling.
This cold has dropped me into sloth mode the last two days and these little jobs are niggling at me to get done.
ACTION is required!
Time to make a list so at least the jobs will be staring me in the face!!
My Mum was a Virgo and as such an avid list maker. It must have rubbed off on my ever flittery Gemini mind!!

Right where that pen??????

21 September 2006


The Clarks advert 'Newwwwwww Shoooooes" makes me chortle!!!
Excuse the slightly dominatrix pose in the photo!!!
Well actually these are Clarks and a righ palarver I had getting them.
I wanted this style and found them on the Clarks website ...one of those annoying sites that shows and doesn't sell the product *sigh*
Anyhoo I went into our local Clarks and asked about the shoe - was met with blank faces. Went to LARGE Clarks shop in the Metropolis and was met with equally blank looks.
Looked online and found them at one online store for £5 MORE Than they were retailing for PLUS £3 postage. Anyway I eventually found them at shoemall.co.uk although I see they have gone up in price since I bought them last week!!

SO they arrived yesterday and I LOVE my new shoes *dances around laminate floor* Frenchie described them as Mary-Poppin's shoes and I have to agree.
I shall have to knit a carpet bag and carry a brolly!!

20 September 2006


Well all I can say is WOW!!!!!!

Still waiting....

....Noni bag is FINALLY on the last spin.
I tell you I could have fried eggs on the mmachine an hour ago- it was HOT!!!
*drums fingers impatiently*

Noni Bag- It's Felting Time!!!

Well I've knitted the bag and just finished the last flower of the Noni Bag so now it's destructo craft time!
And it's in!
Time to wash my knitting at a hot hot hot (to quote Big Chef!!) 60 degree wash!
I shall let you know how it goes!

Watch it spin........

LOVE this group!

Ever since I saw the video of OK Go in their Treadmills video I've been listening to that track. I've bought three others from their album that I just play over and over!
LOVE iTunes!!

OMG checking their blog I see they are in Blighty this month WOO-HOO!!!!

Go watch their vids they are superb!!

Ker-nitting update

I have finished the sockies *grin*
Just loved this Debbie Bliss pattern and her Cashmerino wool is sooooo soft I LOVE IT!!! Hope they fit the little person they were knitted for- sending love to bubz XXX

And here's one of the FIVE flars I'm knitting for the Noni Bag I'm on my LAST ONE!!!!
Soon it will be a boilin' time *maniacle laff*

Today I have mostly been drinking....

...FairTrade English Breakfast Tea.

It's light and refreshing but there's no sausage or bacon flavours as I expected- ho-hum guess I'll have to make my own with my juicer.


I met archimedes on Sunday and this time I didn't get lost *happy dance*
Last time I went to this crop I got myself spectacularly lost and had to have someone come and find me *shamefaced*
Anyway it was a lovely day but I don't think archim or I were at our most productive- I managed one layout and the normally super product archi managed 2.
To be honest we were gossiping and eating biscuits most of the time but it was a lovely day!
Bought some scraummy 3bugs in a rug papers from Louisa http://www.scrapkits.co.uk

Eyelash Wishes and Butterfly Kisses

I remember how it began, 'Mummy' she said ' you have an eyelash on your cheek, I'll just get it' so little fingers removed the stray eyelash carefully.
' thank you' I said, 'if you blow it you can make a wish.' A pair of blue eyes lit up at the thought of a free wish!
So that ws how it started, quite how soon after that I noticed her own eyelashes disappearing I don't know but very soon it was VERY noticeable.
My baby looked like she'd had chemotherapy :o(

Well then I decided to try and encourage the regrowth without nagging. I showed her Butterfly Kisses. My Daddy used to do this for me. You brush your eyelashes against the other person's cheek and the tickling is a 'butterfly kiss'.

Now there are signs of eyelashes growing back, THANK GOODNESS!!!
And we both giggly lots as we give each other butterfly kisses!

Shopping Fun!!!

Tuesday I drooped the three little piggies and toddled off to the nearby Metropolis to meet archimedes (she who loves all things to do with water)
Well we had a blast....as usual we seemed to live in M&S but we lurve Per Una even though I snicker everytime i say that name!!!
We took LOADS into the changing rooms and tried everything on. Archimedes eventually settled on some lovely leisure wear and I settled on a brown cord skirt and a brown jumper with the cutest dotty ruffs!!!
We enjoyed a CHEESE snack (archimedes is also part mouse) and walked the feet off each other.
All too soon it was time to head back to the land of Mummy-dom but we had restored ourselves for a little while longer!

Ker-nitting Ker-razy

So far in the last ten days I have created a scarf, a pair of baby socks, a bag and four knitted flowers....WOW see my kneedles fly!!!
Whilst I was waiting for my Noni Bag items to arrive from Paviyarns I had twitchy fingers and as we have a GORGEOUS knitty shop in the Tree nearby I had to go look! Well my looking turned into a Sirdar Loopa and two balls of wool- oops tee-hee
By tea time I had Looped myself this lush scarf....try Loopa it's fast and fun!

What a Knit!

I have a new obsession and it is the fault of FrenchieJo!!!!
She mentioned knitting a bag to be felted and HORROR posted a link http://www.paviyarns.co.uk/shop/459/638/index.htm
Then a strange thing happened I believe it may have been the ghost of a female relative from long ago possessed my being and FORCED me to purchase supllies for a Noni bag.
I am of course respectful of my ancestors and feel that by complying with their wishes I am honouring them- and saving myself a spiritual ear bashing!!!
Anyway thanks to Frenchie for the info - I am thoroughky enjoying ker-nitting and cannot wait to finish my bag!!

Back Again!!!

Well I am back from my travels abroad- 35 mins on a train and you're in France- fantastic......shame you can't see the fish as you travel!!
Normandie was delish, we communed with nature l'arome des moutons was all around- stinky sheep next to the gite in other words!!
The cheeky bleeders decided to invade the garden one afternoon- well the Bean and I donned our cowboy gear and rounded them suckers up and caralled them elsewhere!!