20 September 2006

Eyelash Wishes and Butterfly Kisses

I remember how it began, 'Mummy' she said ' you have an eyelash on your cheek, I'll just get it' so little fingers removed the stray eyelash carefully.
' thank you' I said, 'if you blow it you can make a wish.' A pair of blue eyes lit up at the thought of a free wish!
So that ws how it started, quite how soon after that I noticed her own eyelashes disappearing I don't know but very soon it was VERY noticeable.
My baby looked like she'd had chemotherapy :o(

Well then I decided to try and encourage the regrowth without nagging. I showed her Butterfly Kisses. My Daddy used to do this for me. You brush your eyelashes against the other person's cheek and the tickling is a 'butterfly kiss'.

Now there are signs of eyelashes growing back, THANK GOODNESS!!!
And we both giggly lots as we give each other butterfly kisses!

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