20 October 2014

Hooky fun!

One thing I've continued recently is my crochet!
All my blankets have been put away for now as we are planning on moving soon but small projects are easy to have on the go!

I have a lovely dolly on the go for my Friend Archie!

she needs her head attaching to her body but she has a mass of red hair now! Looking forward to getting to work on her clothes next!

I made a little Tinkerbell for my Great Niece !

Recently I have made two Baby Groots from Twinkie Chan's lovely pattern. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy, brilliant fun film and Baby Groot is adorable!

Nearly forgot I knitted a couple of baby jackets and crocheted a couple of hats and a blanket for a Friend's Grandson back at the beginning of the year! Hadn't knitted a baby jacket since I was expecting my eldest son back in 1996!

I nearly forgot this little chap I made for my Sister's birthday. We both love the Ann McCaffrey Dragon book so this is a little gold dragon for her!

 Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xx

13 October 2014

Trying to get crafting again!

With all the illness thing I must admit my mojo has gone and done a runner! I was lucky enough to be on the Bombshell Stamps Design team for several years but because I was mojo'less I stood down as I felt guilty for not pulling my weight.
I thought about what I wanted to make and figured I'd go in the opposite direction to the Bombshell Stamps style and decided to get some Lawn Fawn stamps. I love Kawaii and Amigurumi and the Lawn Fawn stamps are in that style and they have lovely co-ordinating dies to lessen the fussy cutting!
So here's what I've been making:

 My first lot of stamps and dies!

This is little fwog my first Lawn Fawn card, a bit wobbly getting back to colouring and designing a card!  Little Fox which I was more pleased with!

Cute Acorn and Pink Unicorn tag style cards. Gnome was fun, love his Toadstool home!

I love the Dragon but it was so difficult to match up papers with the teal I'd used- lesson learnt!

First time I'd used the Polaroid Die and the Critters at the Dog Park set, very sweet!

I guess I'm struggling at the moment or at least I feel as if I am. I KNEW how to work the Bombshell stamps as I'd used them so much over the years, whereas I have to LEARN how to use and get comfortable with the Lawn Fawn stamps- does that make sense?! At least I'm hoping this is the case cos I love colouring in and want to do justice to these cute stamps! Thank goodness for Lawn Fawn's wonderful Design Team and Pinterest board, loads of inspiration there!

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxx

9 October 2014

A Little Card!

Just a quick post as I've made something using my Lawn Fawn Stamps Critters at the Dog Park set!
Coloured with my Spectrum Noir pens and using the Say Cheese polaroid die (so cool!) love the attitude of this little Westie, so cute! I used various patterned papers and my Distress Inks.

I'm entering into the Lawnscaping Blog Patterned Paper challenge

Happy Crafting!

6 October 2014

What I've been up to Pt. 3

So I was recovering from my infection and swimming with anti-biotics and the plan HAD been to let me go home and recover for a month then come back in and have my gall bladder removed! However because I'd had a catalogue of illness connected with the GB the surgeons arrived and told me it was coming out this week! I was a bit shocked but I knew it was logical as I could get another stone lodged and jaundice and so on and so on!
I spent Tuesday nil by mouth and was finally collected about 3.45pm and wheeled through the hospital to the anaesthetic room where there were 4 staff waiting and a load of surgeons too! They all wanted a look at the GB that had caused all the problems! I woke up about 45 mins later with three little incisions and a drain (YUCK) having been done!

this is me looking a bit blasted post op but smiling (although that might be the drugs!!)
Had an awkward night negotiating getting up and to the bathroom with the drips and drain but gradually got quite blase about it, toddling out and making my own tea by the next morning! Drain was removed and I was patched up and DH came to collect me and I was HOME!!

I have to thank everyone who looked after me at the JR(apart from one!) as they helped me and DH through a tough and scary time! It took me about three weeks to feel better after my op as I'd been so unwell and lost so much wait and muscle tone, amazing how quick that goes! My DH was a rock , visiting me twice a day for all those weeks and looking after the kids and dogs while working from home for 5 weeks!

So now I'm better, scars are fading fast, I'm lighter and do Pilates twice a week so now more back pain, I can even wear sports clothes without feeling uncomfortable, so weirdly it's been a very positive experience!

GlitteryKatie xxx

29 September 2014

What I've been up to Pt.2

.....so after an unsuccessful attempt to remove a wedged gallstone I was going to be allowed home!
DH arrived and we waited! We had to wait 2 hours for discharge so it was about 9pm by now!
This is when I started to feel unwell and was sick a few times but I REALLY wanted to go home and the Doctor on call wasn't too concerned to I staggered to the car and felt ghastly all the way home!
I have to say it wasn't a fun night for DH or me as I was being violently ill every 2 hours. So in the morning we called the emergency Doctor, saw her at out little local hospital in town and she told us to go back to the JR, so off we went!
When they saw me they admitted me straight away and I was on pain meds and a drip with anti- sickness injections on the ward very quickly! It was marvellous to start to feel slightly human again!
So began my second week in hospital!
Things were more serious this time as the ERCP procedure had resulted in Pancreatitus which is a know side effect but fairly rare! Lucky me!
This week was to be odd as I became a medical curiosity by developing Erythema Nodosum along with a bad bout of Pancreatitus, so I had lots of Docs and medical students wanting to look at this red lumpy rash I had developed!! The weird world of medicine!
So by Tuesday I was feeling LOADS better and wanted to go home and then was informed that if my Pancreatitis didn't improve I was off to intensive care as it was bad, sobering moment!
But I had a word with said pancreas and it sorted it's self out and surprisingly for everyone I was so much better I was allowed home late on Wednesday! YAY!

I had to go back in on Friday to have another go at removing the gall stone, so same as before waited around until the afternoon, nice lot in the endoscope suite, knocked out, came round about 30 mins later feeling good! NO STONE! YAY!!!
Apparently the stone was not there anyway so the little git had dislodged itself at some point!
I was going to stay in overnight as I'd had pancreatitus the last time and they needed to keep an eye on my!
So back on the ward I was feeling fine until 2am when the throwing up started again and the pain, but had a great nurse who hooked me up to a drip , anti-sickness meds and pain relief. Spent most of Saturday in pain but the on call Doctor seemed to think I should go home and TOLD me there was nothing wrong with me, stupid woman, her attitude was dreadful :(
So the on duty nurse who was supposed to discharge me , said I should stay until the next day as I did have a bit of a temperature and see how I was, which was kind of her. By 2am (seeing a pattern here?!) I was vomiting and shaking. A Lovely Doc came and examined me thoroughly and took LOADS of blood and got me comfortable.
By the morning I was running a high fever as I'd had another side-effect of the ERCP an infection!
Well Sunday was a blur as I wasn't very with it and I was on high doses of anti-Bs. That evening the rude Doctor arrived, so I looked at her and childishly said " I told you I was ill!' said she hadn't known I'd had a temperature and blah blah! Pffft!

Have to say I did quite enjoy myself at the JR the staff, apart from that ONE Doctor were superb and couldn't have been kinder! Had some great views across Oxford from the 5th floor too..

I also became pretty immune to having blood tests and canulas fitted as I had so many when I was there, something I had been quite squeamish about!

I was so fed up of wearing pyjamas all the time LOL but I got to wear sexy surgical stockings for three weeks!!

and I managed to grow my nails for the first time as I really wasn't eating ANYTHING!!!

I was also loosing the extra 28lbs I'd been carrying for the last few years, something I noticed on one of the rare days I wore something other than PJs!

Nearly finished with my time in hospital more to follow......!

22 September 2014

What I've been up to!

So I mentioned I'd been ill and in hospital!
It started in February with 2 weeks of what I thought was a stomach bug then a visit to the doctor resulted in the diagnosis of a stomach ulcer and drugs!

...a week later still no improvement so more drugs...

By Friday of week 3 I was still feeling God Awful and suddenly experienced some of the worst stomach pain ever and DH was forced to call the paramedics. When they arrived pain was subsiding and after a checkover they agreed that I could stay home as I was seeing the Doctor at 5pm. Bit embarrassing to have 'wasted' their time but they were very kind!
So off we go to the Docs whilst waiting outside his room the PAIN starts, luckily I managed to make it to the bathroom as it was so bad it made me throw-up! I managed to stagger into the Doctors room and rolled around on his couch in agony in front of him and the medical student! Doctor very good and gave me a pain killing injection and a NEW diagnosis of GALL STONES- the pain being a stone being released!
So eventually I recover and after 2 hours at the doctors we roll home with the advice that when it happens again get to hospital!
Well 9pm guess what?! Yup doubled up again and sitting in an ambulance on my way to the JR in Oxford!
I was admitted by about 2am after lots of test and blood letting and finally DH was able to go home as I was hooked up to a drip and on pain meds!

This was the start of a very long week in hospital where they were trying to get me booked in for scans 5am that morning,an MRI not til Tuesday! I have in fact got a gallstone stuck in my bile duct and I now had jaundice, I must admit I had thought I was starting to look a little odd, yellow does SO not suit me!!
I was then booked in for an ERCP where they use an endoscope to remove the stone, however I had to wait until Friday as it takes outpatients as well!
Friday came and I was wheeled up to the unit and after a long wait it was my turn! Well the staff down there were a hoot, lots of jokes and making me feel as relaxed as possible, next thing I knew I was waking up having been done! Bad news though as the stone was firmly wedged and I'd have to come back NEXT Friday!
....to be continued!

22 July 2014

Little Fwog!

I've just discovered the gorgeous stamps and dies from Lawn Fawn and my main supplier (yes they are addictive!) is Make The Day Special !

So on MTDS's blog is a challenge....

.... and it took a little while to find my first card I blogged as my early blogging was a lot of waffling and scrapbooking but here is my first card,

...from 2007 using my Tilda stamps (which I must get out and play with again!) http://ferrishyn-frontier.blogspot.co.uk/2007/11/tilda-time.html

So using the little fwoggy from the Critters Ever After set I created...

a diddy little birthday card!

Happy Crafting!
 GlitteryKatie xxx