9 November 2014

Dolly's New Home!

So I finished the Dolly for my lovely friend Archie and handed her over to her new owner at our Derbyshire craft weekend and I think she was very comfortable as she started being very naughty!
First she started looking through the bags....

...then she found a good book to settle down with...

...she admired the view...

...cleaned her teeth with my TOOTHBRUSH??!! No Dolly, NO!!


I used Isabelle Kessedjian's My Crochet Doll from Amazon which has LOTS of clothes patterns for the basic doll, all of which are lovely!  Dilly Dolly is dressed for Autumn weather here in Englad with a warm sweater, scarf and yellow wellies!

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie XX

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