28 September 2006

Croc Attack!!!

I admit it I've been bitten by the Crocs!!! Not as painful as it sounds!
My sandals are very flat and they make my legs ache or 'my eggs lake' as I keep saying- DOH!!! I guess that makes me a little old lady....anyways I figured I'd buy something with a bit of a heel. However it's Autumn now and slip on sandals are scarcer than hen's teeth. It was the excuse I've been looking for....time to order Crocs.
These are BIG with scrapbookers probably because they are weird but also because they can be customised! The chance to decorate a shoe is just too good an opportunity for a crafter to pass up!

Crocs are NOT PRETTY despite the rainbow of colours they come in but oh my they are comfy!!
They are made of a foam that prevents foot stink (always a bonus!) and weighs next to nothing. They are also bumpy on the inner sole-this might be for comfort and grip OR could this mean an end to rough skin on feet??!!

I played safe this time and went for the navy Crocs (the colour that is!!) but I do have my eye on the BRIGHT pink ones for Summer!!

My sprogs opinion? " Mummy WHY are you wearing CLOWN SHOES" *sigh*

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mummy why are you wearing clown's shoes LOLOL kt. :D
I'm after a pair soon hunny so I'll clown along with you.
Vikki wants me to get pink, ooo errr.
Love Boo xxx