21 September 2006


The Clarks advert 'Newwwwwww Shoooooes" makes me chortle!!!
Excuse the slightly dominatrix pose in the photo!!!
Well actually these are Clarks and a righ palarver I had getting them.
I wanted this style and found them on the Clarks website ...one of those annoying sites that shows and doesn't sell the product *sigh*
Anyhoo I went into our local Clarks and asked about the shoe - was met with blank faces. Went to LARGE Clarks shop in the Metropolis and was met with equally blank looks.
Looked online and found them at one online store for £5 MORE Than they were retailing for PLUS £3 postage. Anyway I eventually found them at shoemall.co.uk although I see they have gone up in price since I bought them last week!!

SO they arrived yesterday and I LOVE my new shoes *dances around laminate floor* Frenchie described them as Mary-Poppin's shoes and I have to agree.
I shall have to knit a carpet bag and carry a brolly!!

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