29 May 2008

New Wheels- stash on the move!!!

Farewell Dear Daisy :O(

After my lovely Berlingo Daisy had a slight accident which initially seemed cosmetic but then the insurance company wrote her off *mourns the Berlingo* I needed new wheels. After all I am a scrapper and child/beagle transporter and I need to get around!
I was devastated when Daisy was condemned :O( never had a car 'put down' before and I am a soppy coo when it comes to cars- cannot pass wreckers without a tear in the eye and a wish for vehicular resurrection.

Funds were sorted out earlier this week and so I began looking in earnest and straightaway spotted this very pretty Bingo and local too!! So after manly tyre kicking 'DH' decided car was sound and could withstand the rigours of our family and a deal was struck! WOO-HOO!!! This scrapper's gonna be mobile again 2morrow VROOM-VROOM!!!!

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lyzzydee said...

Whoopee dooo!! Its hard to be without a car once you are used to having one!!!!