8 June 2007


As an extra special birthday treat we decided to go and visit the puppies! Moma Beagle adored 'DH' and sat in front of him for ages lapping up ear tickles!! This was a Beagle that was supposed to be a bit funny with chaps at the mo!! 'DH' was a big hit though!! The pups were roly-poly bellies with ickle leggies! They did a lot of snoozing then some slurping then some widdling (getting house trained already!) and then after some rolling a bit more snozzing!
It was realy lovely to see the pups with Mama made having one of the girls more real. We were lucky to aquire a crate from the breeder so we can make a snuggly den when pups comes home in 5 weeks!! I see life having some big chages ahead for us!! COOL!

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