21 January 2007

A great night out!!

Had a fabby evening round at a friends house last night with the girls to celebrate two of our number's birthdays! Wine made even the quiet ones amongst us all relaxed and chatty! We had lots of fun sharing and cackling- oh and there was some eating in between when we drew breath!!
Came away feeling all warm and full of bonhomie. I even discovered why we kept seeing lorries in France with 'Le Mutant" emblazoned across them. Sadly it is not a transportation system for characters escaped from MArvel Comics- it is a supermarket rather in the mould og Aldi or Netto- cheap and cheerful. So with that knowledge I wnt home a contented bunny!

Hopes of a Sunday lie-in were dismissed as early as Friday because we HAD to be at 9am Mass to present our No2 Boy as part of the 1st Communion process. Usual arangements have been radically changed this year and as parents we are left floundering in a sea of 'lack of information'. Dates, DEFINITE dates for 1st Communion have yet to be passed on - June is the aim, but as a Gemini and a scrapper i have at least 3 of the weeks scribbled in for other things. Here's hoping the fog of confusion will lift soon, just as my resistance to all this change passed!

Had some Speshal news today...can't wait!

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