18 January 2007

Busy Scrapping

I was searching through our documents and found my Mum's passport. It's a lovely picture of her- remember when the passport machines gave you a GREAT quality picture? Well I Photoshopped it a little to remove the stamp and enlarged it to 7x5" with no loss of clarity- that's how good the original was!
It was the first time I have scrapped a photo of my Mum a I knew her. It's not something I have been able to do until now. Not really sure why that is. I suppose in a way my life with her feels dreamlike, like it wasn't real probably due to the passage of time. It's been 18 years since she died and it took me a long, long time to deal with loosing her as we were so close, it was a dreadful wrench.
After feeling very unsure what to write on the LO- I first concentrated embellishing the page with things that seemed to be her. The beads for example are from necklaces she had and they beads were always in our bead tin for me to play with when I was a child. After chatting to DH and telling him how I thought the photo wasn't a true reflection of Mum- I journalled about how much we laughed! Although Mum has such a serious expression in the photo that really wasn't her way at all! In fact there was much hooting and screaching that went on in our house! We had lots of 'in' jokes and phrases that would crack us up, and when SM came to stay the hilarity was magnified!!!

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Anonymous said...

This layout is absolutely lovely. I haven't scrapped my dad yet either (he died when I was 21)...not properly anyway.