18 January 2007

Back Blogging Again!!

I've been very lax about blogging *hangs head in shame* but after all the excitement of Christmas and the struggle to get back to real life with the start of term things seem to be settling down again.
First of all *waves* to my pals.
I have a new addiction to add to the ever growing list- but not a hobby this time;
some norty person has me hooked on something rather lush, Troll Beads- shall I name and shame them, YES!!!! SallyR wore her Troll Bead bracelet to ScrapManic where it was seen and loved by many scrappers, Em then mentioned it and that was it I was hooked!!! Bad girls!!! Tee-hee!So I am a Troll Bead addict now!

So now I have a Troll Bead bracelet and 3 glass and 3 silver beads and I have my eye on many more!! I love silver anyway- my fave metal and I have 6 silver bangles thanks to DH. They are all jangling and I suspect he buys them so he can tell WHERE I am from the noise!! But I was running out of wrist space. Then I saw all the posts about Troll Beads and I knew it was 'me'!!!! Here's my bracelet so far- I discovered it's best to REMOVE the bracelet to take photos of it or else you end up doing this weird left handed, upside down balancing act with your camera- very ungainly!!!

I can highly recommend the Troll Beads site in Denmark- my beads arrived in 4 days, fabby service. I also own a HUGE Troll Beads poster which is lovely to look at and as Caz suggested it's ideal to drop un-subtle hints to friends and family about future purchases!! That's probably the BEST thing about the Troll Beads- everyone in the family can join in and choose a bead for you.
The beads I have so far have meaning to me. I am collecting the Fairy Tale themed beads, hence the Mermaid, the Knot is for Luck and as there are 5 of us- the 5 Seals represents our family!
Little Miss Acorn asked for Troll Beads for her birthday- 'not until you are a teenager" I said!! But she LOVED looking at all the beads on the post- all sprawled on the floor.

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