7 January 2007

Feeling Faeryish!

After having a lack of Mojo it is lovely to be back in the zone!!
Had a big photo printing session last weekend and completed 2 double layouts then and this one yesterday. I've had real fun with all the scrapping I've done recently -it's great to rediscover this again-I was a little lacking I must admit.
Completed a layout for The Scrapbook Magazine this week- had a mad moment and completed it at 2am!!!

So this layout well Miss Acorn and I love anything to do with faeries and we were both lucky enough to get 'Wings 'n' Wands' (does that sound like an order from Burger King??!) for Christmas. Photos were not the best but they showed what we both upto beautifully. It was a chance to use the gorgeous Lynne Perella paper I have been hoarding since I bought it at the 'You Can Make It" show at Thorpe Park last January!!
Liberal amounts of mulberry paper and glitter were added to give texture and sparkle.
Rouge de Garange paper in a deep pink formed the background and the heart in the centre closes on little hinges to hide the journalling.
It was also my first chance to play with my new QK Revolution 'Washington' font (the title) which I purchased earlier in the week from Crea8tive Online in their fabby sale! THanks to Katie and Dave for excellent service AGAIN!

THe QK Revolution has been a real GEM of a find! I am a dedicated QuicKutz user anyhow and have been for a number of years. I love the lightness and portability of the QuicKutz die cutter compared to ALL the others I've seen on the market. But truely it was always the design of the dies and alphabets that swung it for me. Other company's designs have appeared just too cutesy for my tastes, others too boring whereas the QK designs are so varied in theme that I could happily pick and choose the ones I wanted!
The only bugbear I had was that if I was doing a large project (ie using multiple QK) then it could be a little tiring on the hands/arms even with the new improved QK Squeeze. The Revolution has solved this problem because it has a 'clothes wringer' action rather that a 'press lever' action! OK I feel a little like a washer woman with her mini mangle but that is a small pice to pay!
I can now cut FOUR QK dies at a time (HEAVEN!) and I can use the new 4x4" dies to create BIG BOLD titles for my layouts.
So pinky the Pink QK Squeeze is up for sale as I hate anything sitting around not being used-bless ebay.co.uk!!!!

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