22 January 2007

Troll Beads!

I had a very productive Troll Beads night last night- unusual as it was a Sunday. I was browsing the Troll Beads site when the wonderful Erisindevon had seen two of my fave beads on a well known selling site or Schmeebay as it's known in this house (thanks to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!!) Well I was too slow for the Ugly Duckling but the GORGEOUS Thumbelina is mine BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Then the second Troll Bead happiness was discovering that the fantastically talented LushieRat has made her own beads to fit the Troll Bead bracelets. Her jewelery and her handmade glass beads are divine- they look like the colours are still swirling and the texture she gets into them is stunning!
If that was not cool enough I discovered (it took me a while!) that she'd named a purple bead 'Katie' I was so thrilled!! I felt all teary too- daft bat that I am but that beautiful purpleness is having pride of place on my bracelet- thank you so much Jaq!


Caz said...

Wow, what a gorgeous bead, I want one of Jaq's beads....but they were sold out...hope she makes some more lush ones.

irslan2u said...

Thank You gives me the knowledge about beads. I will take some more pictures soon ....But my son has to help me make a little video when I make a bracelet. I promise...... soon
troll beads