8 November 2006


SOCKS 'n' Crocs!!!!!!!!!!!
My lovely stripey socks (3 pairs) were from Sock Selectionon Ebay.
Also check out For socks!


Jaffers said...

Ahhhhhhhh, a woman after my own stripy-sock loving heart!!

Anonymous said...

KT!!! LOL so you my darling.
Boo xxx :D

Lucy said...

those are Y-U-Me!!!!!! Streipey socks are the best and they look lush with the crocs :D


Anonymous said...

love the stripey socks (that is all I wear on my feet ) but the crocs have to go

joanna said...

Do you know what? I actually thought the other day, "what these Crocs need is a pair of stripy socks", and I immediately thought of you!!! Where did you get them from, because they are b'yoodiful, and I need some!! xx

Jen said...

OOooh gorgeous! My pink ones are on their way. And I wear them with stripey socks too. Under my trousers. To work. No one's commented - YET!! ROFL

Anonymous said...

Love the look Katie - I def needed these yesterday!!
I'm surprised you haven't knitted yourself some socks yet...buying them indeed!!!!
Bernie X