6 November 2006

Halloween Fun!!!

I know it's a bit late but we had a lovely Halloween!
For the first time I was adventurous with my pumpkin carving egged on by archie!
Furnished with instructions and tips from Here I got going.
The sproggies were intending to help but the smell from the pumpkin (likened to bodily odours by my Three!!) drove them away with much screaching. I was on my own!!!
It's strangely relaxing scooping out the contents of a pumpkin....I wonder if the Ancient Egyptians or embalmers think relaxing thoughts whilst scooping away *ponders*
Anyway here are pictures of it Scooped,
With design in place,
and Lit!!I was sooooo pleased with the results!
The guests, Super Change~Boy, School Ghoul, Pirate Henry, Witchy-Woo and Glittery Cat all appreciated the ambience the Jack O'Lantern created on the table for our Halloween feast.


Mel said...

Love the pumpkin carving - very jealous of you carving abilities!

But don't you think you could have added some glitter to it for a bit of extra sparkle?!


Jen said...

The wickedest pumpkin carving I've EVER seen!!