2 November 2006

......and we're OFF and ATTACK of the Sock Monster

I'm knitting my cardi YAY *happy dance*
Thanks to library Girl for her sensible advice- I Frogged (my new knitting phrase!!) my first attempt as I was awash in a sea of stitches without a life jacket...or a clue what I was doing!!!
I'm ditching the Debbie Bliss cardi idea as it was giving me heebie jeebies- dunno why but there was a mental block formed and that was IT!!!
So I decided to go for the ballerina cardi in the Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation Book I just loved the look of this pattern and thought it would look lovely in the soft drapey Debbie Bliss alpaca silk mix yarn.
Hmmm Debbie Bliss.....Debbie Stoller.....will I be changing my name and joining the Debbie gang???? LOL

So I'm OFF- the cardi is on it's way- HOORAY and I'm REALLY enjoying knitting it and tackling the lace pattern which is actually really straight forward!

So having perused lots of knitters' blogs (and what a lovely and enthusiastic bunch they are!) I decided I had to get into the sock thing that's going on!
After some research I found the yarn I needed- plain colours as I'm not a fan of the self striping sock wools. I ordered my yarn and bamboo needles yesterday and was very pleased when they arrived this MORNING- free P&P too!!

I looked online for a tutorial to show me how to tackle the double ended needles. Plenty were available but they didn't make sense and I kept ending up with all the stitches on one needle!!! I knew I was doing it wrong but I didn't know WHY!!!
So I turned to the old faithful Knittinghelp.com with their wonderful video clips.
Finally it twigged...I needed the fourth needle to knit the stitches-DOH!!!! *embarassed grin*

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Bryony said...

Ooooo, cardi looking tasty ;) even if you did have to frog and switch pattern :( And the sock yarn? Very funky! Aren't McA fabby? They are one of my fave suppliers. Always so reliable.