15 November 2006

Going round the bend.

Today I felt a right heel..
..talking about my
sock I'm knitting!
I literally went around the bend and now I'm heading towards the toe of sock number 1!!!

It's been a productive knitting week actually- as I completed the back of my lace wrap-over cardi *imagine beaming knitter here* I've started the right front of the cardi and once my sock binge is over I will return to it but I've made a start!!

My stripy sock disease has spread! Yes a very dear friend of mine has indulged. Can you imagine there was us two with a half dozen kids between us, standing in the car park this morning comparing stripey socks and giggling like a pair of ninnies!! Well we've decided that it is our duty as the stripey sock brigade to fight grown up' attitudes everywhere and bring a bit of silliness and fun back into the day!!


Lucy said...

Stripey Sock brigade...sign me up!!! I wear them all the time under my boots :D Socks are so addictive as well xx

Anonymous said...

I could do with some of your knitting productiveness babe! Love the socks!

Jen said...

LOL sign me up too!