8 October 2006

Tickling the Tastebuds

I like beer.....in fact I love beer. The taste, the variety...there's a beer for every type of meal just as much as with wine. However lately we've been sticking to our fave Becks. It's was time to explore further a field!

I ventured into the very nice Bottle Shop in town and was met with a wonderful array of beers *happy dance*
I chose four for us to sample over the weekend and these were the choices:-

Clouded Yellow was, as the name suggests cloudy beer in the style of a wheat beer and it was delicious. Light, fresh and full of spicy flavours great for drinking any time!

Hook Norton Charter is one of our local beers. It was darker in colour and had more caramel flavours. A more robust beer best for drinking with winter dishes like casseroles and stew!

Hazy Days was another beer in the wheat beer style with sediment. It was rich amber in colour and was robust in flavour but refreshing too. It could be easily drunk alone or equally it would go well with many dishes.

Butty Back reminded me of ginger beer. It was fizzy and spicy, a definite winter warmer.

Our favourites were Clouded Yellow and Butty Back.
Happy drinking!

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Ann(i)e said...

I should NOT have read this....as I am "off" beer until the new year (after this little baby has arrived.) You've made my mouth water!!