10 October 2006

Getting Knitty with it!!

I admit it all this talk of knitting amongst my friends has set me off again!
This morning my Noro wool arrived from Get Knitted and it is super lush! Riot of colours or WHAT??!!! I thought it would be great to tone with the colours I love to wear in the autumn, browns, moss greens and purples and plums...well in fact I would wear these colours ALL year around except velvet jackets and cord skirts tend to make one a 'little warm' in the Summer!!!
So I have finally decided to choose theCocoa Bag from the Felted Handbag Workshop website. So this will be my first time making iCords (why is EVERYTHING prefixed by 'i' these days??!!!)for the straps....I'm imagining Knitting Nancy!!


Anonymous said...

Yum, I really want some of this!

Diane in Chicago said...

Can't wait to see the finished bag!

Diane in Chicago