8 October 2006

Autumnal Beauty.

It was a glorious day yesterday and inspired by Bill Oddie and Autumn Watch we headed into the countryside!
To be honest we are surrounded by counrtside but we wanted somewhere safe for the sproggies to lollop in a carefree manner!
Bernwood Forest is lovely- it has been planted with deciduaous trees to create a habitat suitable for many species- as opposed to the conifer trees who's habitat suits only Monsters of the Night!!!
There are loads of oak trees which we all loved. I cannot get over how like a little carved wooden bowl an acorn cup is- just magical. My own little Acorn is going to use some in her dollies house!

We saw berries and butterflies (yes still!), dragonflies, pheasants and toadstools. There was a wonderful musty smell around the toadstools that to me sums up 'the woods'there are so many different types to see. We photographed many of them and we will have to delve into the Toadstool Encyclopedia to discover their names!

We found a wonderful mossy area of the forest that MUST have been a fairy glade it was just perfect!. It was complete with tree trunk castles and mysterious pools beneath upturned trees. We left quietly!!

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