7 October 2012

Allowed to change my mind!

Yesterday was World Card Making Day!!!
At Bombshell Stamps we had a big ol' Blog Post to celebrate!
There was a slight problem with my post...I forgot that Saturday was the 6th!!! For some reason I thought the 6th was Monday DOH!!!!....
...so feeling rather silly I rushed a card to go on the blog. And oh boy did I wrestle with that card!
I knew the Bombshell I wanted to use and I had an idea of how I wanted it to look- but I could NOT get things to come together no matter what paper or colours I used.
Have you ever had that- it's SO frustrating!!!

So first of all I came up with...

I wanted a psychedelic look to give the impression Alice was FALLING down the rabbit hole- the rhinestone spirals and the inked background from the first card just didn't work for me, so almost as soon as it was completed I took it apart!

This time I went for a neutral background with a splintered look- all of which worked much better for me!

So there you are....I don't know what you think but I've learnt over the years not to put up with something I'm not happy with 'cos it bugs me!! ;)

I hope you managed to get crafty on World Card Making Day, if not maybe you could get inky today!
Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxXxx


Lee said...

your cards both look amazing --

Sparkly Engineer said...

I dunno, I like both cards, but they do have a totally different feel from each other.