26 April 2012


I bought this pot of 3 hyacinth bulbs from the local market for £2!
I was going to repot them but they grew so fast that I didn't get time!
They were in a yucky plastic pot so I decided to hook up a quick jacket for it!
The hyacinths lasted about 2 weeks and smelt gorgeous!!

These pot jackets were really easy to hook up and I was thinking that potted bulbs and a pot jacket would make quite nice pressies next year!!

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxx


Lalo said...

LOVE IT!!! that plastic pot is totally hooked up :)

Sparkly Engineer said...

Who else but you would have thought of a plant cozy? Too cute and pretty

Chrissy said...

Loving your plant pot cozy Katie...mmmmm wonder what else in the home could do with a cozy. xxxxxx