8 November 2011

Quick Knits

It's my turn over on It's a Creative World Blog:

Well the nights are drawing in now and for me that always seems to herald KNITTING!
I love to get out the knitting needles and some wool and find some cute, quick projects to whip up in an evening!
When I was first crafting my Mum used to collect the Soft Toy patterns from Woman's Own and I FOUND my favourite pattern in the folder:

We used to knit LOADS of these guys and the lil' stockings too for school and Church fetes! They use so little yarn and knit up in no time at all!! Now obviously this is a VINTAGE pattern now *giggles* but I did find an alternative.
Jean Greenhowe has her own website on on there she has some freebie patterns including little Stockings  HERE!!
And here are just two of the MANY stockings I've already produced!! All five of us in our family has their own stocking for the tree because Santa likes to pop choccy coins in them!

So anyway I started to search to see what other cute little knitty patterns I could find online and I was delighted with the results!
Over on a GORGEOUS knitting shop called Twins Knits I found a whole host of freebies as well as her full but reasonably priced patterns which are for sale!
Here is a lovely pencil bookmark,the pattern is HERE

....and these cute little guys: HERE

And over at Mochimochi Land these lil alligators

hee hee aren't they wonderful?! Their pattern is HERE

They have at least 13 free patterns at Mochimochi Land which are the sweetest little Amigarumi (Japanese) style characters.

Then I found my fave site with LOADS of free patterns for knitted cuties Knitted Toy Box.

I am currently knitting, well finishing knitting the Traveling Gnome as it takes SO little time to knit!
Here he is visiting Paris!! His pattern is HERE!
He's so cute and little at only about 2-3" tall!

This is what he looks like tonight:

As you can see he's VERY straightforward to knit in stocking stitch with some increase stitches!
These patterns are mostly from America so the knitting jargon is slightly different however all of the patterns explain what the abbreviations mean and anything you are unsire of can easily be Googled. There are lots of online sites that 'translate' US knitting terms to UK English!
So have a go at some Quick Knits if you have a bit of time on your hands!

Here are those sites to go and pootle around for your freebie patterns:

Jean Greenhowe Patterns
Twins Knits (free Patterns on right hand side, page down)
Mochimochi Land (free knits page down on right hand side)
Knitted Toy Box

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie XxXx


Nickibee said...

I LOVE those Jean Greenhalgh dec patterns. My Mum used to knit them when I was little and I managed to get hold of the pattern to make some last year.

Sarah said...

Hmmm dear KT I fear you have made me look for my knitting needles :)


Chrissy said...

OMG these are fabulous Katie - just love the pencils...I am a pencil fanatic have to buy a pencil where ever I go. The Elephants are so cute as well. xxx

Sparkly Engineer said...

These are darling. I am not a knitter but open to gifting. lol

Sunshine Girl said...

Fab links - I like to knit this time of year too (bought some baby wool last night and am already half way through the back and I even went out last night too!!) and have just had to order that alien from the twins website!

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh just looked at the Mochimochi site and so have to do that loo roll now - what have you done to me???

Kathi said...

If you make an elephant or alligator, I want one.

Those are soooooo cute. Have fun knitting.

Kathi said...

Those are soooo cute.

I love the elephants and crocodiles. If you find a penguin, I'd like those too.