12 November 2011

Knitty Update!

The Traveling Gnome:
He's finished!!! He's really quick to knit up so I think he needs a friend or two!
I added a nose and ears and knitted his beard in garter stitch for some texture!
He's very cute and only 2.75 inches small!
Willow the Beagle took a liking to him and tried to steal him, luckily I rescued him!!
Here's Gomne's Pattern (ever read the Rupert Bear story of the Gomne's?!)

I also finished Taffy Tortoise who's a real cutie- I love tortoises, used to own one as a child!

He's only 2" high and 3" long, perfect pocket size!! 

I've really enjoyed using the black safety eyes- only ever used felt or embroidery for eyes- it gives the toys a 'proper' amigurumi look I think!

Off to have a go at a little crochet and remind myself how to knit rounds!!!

Happy Crafting!
Glittery Katie


Kathi said...

Look at those cutie projects!

Laura B said...

These are both so cute! I just love the gnome!:)

Sue said...


Sue said...