10 October 2011

InstaGram Fun!!

It seems appropriate that in the week that Apple's Steve Jobs left us a magical part of his world should become a new member of ours!
'DH' has a new iPhone for work and I just HAD to have a play!!!

Here's me and my boy in a 70's glow!!

These are just SOME of 'DHs' masterpieces of modelling skillage ever ready to defend us against the attack of the Cybermen (we like many genres!)

My guy, 'Save me Jebus' looking particularly glowy and all knowing! Which reminds me: when I was a kid I used to worry God could see me on the loo!!! LOL

please note Jesus' necklace adorning his lovely neck! That was a stocking filler from my Mum when I was 6 and I've loved it and kept it safe all these hundreds of years!!

I can see me and Instagram are going to be great chums -'DH' is well chuffed with it so it just comes down to me wrestling his phone away from him in the evenings and weekends!!!

As I said at the beginning of this post I was deeply saddened by the death of Steve Jobs.
My first foray into the world of computing , proper was at the keyboard of an Apple Macintosh.
We were in our 1st year at Hatfield Uni and we told that all essays and dissertations had to be word processed.
To be honest we were horrified and terrified in equal measure!
However we duly trundled down to the modest computer lab with named floppy disk in hand to be inducted into the world of WP.
We had a blast!!
It was so darn easy!!
My typing wasn't brilliantly fast but CUT and PASTE was a revelation, oh the joy of copying swathes of text and simply plonking it elsewhere in your essay!!!
I remember the day we were shown how to insert footnotes- I squealed wen I saw those cute little numbers in my essay and the tiny text at the foot of my work!!
Mac and mouse were my friends now and we scoffed at the unenlightened with their paper and pens!!

In 1992 I was lucky enough to have my own Apple at home- the Apple LCII with a Canon bubble jet printer- I was in heaven!!

Around 1994/5 a friend lent us the Apple Newton. It blew us away with it's handwriting recognition and it's pocket sized electronic organizer'ness. Ahead of it's time maybe and perhaps with problems but to us it was the future, a little bit of Star Trek in our hand!

In 2002 our lives were changing- new house, new town and three young children.
In 2002 'DH' bought me an iMac and I went online for the first time I was HOME!!!!

With Apple I have discovered my feet in the crafting world, made fast friends and had opportunities I never imagined. I can access information and people at any time in any part of the world and I do, believe me I do!!
The cry of 'Google it' is heard daily in our house!!

My music horizons have expanded enormously through iTunes and then later i had an iPod shuffle YAY!! Do you remember how HARD it was trying to get hold of a piece of music if it was out of the charts and out of fashion BEFORE iTunes came along-I do and I bless the accessibility of iTunes !!

So now here we are 21 years later and I'm zooming around t'internet on my third Apple computer and listening to music on a pink iPod nano (as well as watching Doctor Who episodes and Killers videos on it!). So to me anyone who quibbles that Steve Jobs didn't so this or didn't do that is just that QUIBBLING!
For me he brought the computer into my life, helped me get my BaHons degree, helped me start scrapbooking, helped me meet hundreds of friends online and help me sate my thirst for knowledge and music!
So from me and my family I thank you very much indeed Steve Jobs and hope that the spark you created with your imagination and drive in that once little company called Apple continues to grow and touches and enriches other lives as it has mine!

kt x

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Kathi said...

"With Apple I have discovered my feet in the crafting world, made fast friends and had opportunities I never imagined. I can access information and people at any time in any part of the world and I do, believe me I do!!"

I could have written that.

Maybe we're twins separated by "The Pond", age, and the height divide.

Our first Mac landed in 1986 and was an Apple SE 30. Since then we've had a Performa, a G3, two iMacs, an eMac, and three laptops!

Steve Jobs was a visionary who changed the world and my life for the better!