13 October 2011

Beagle warmers!!

My son 'The Blonde One' and 'DH' have discovered another use for their laptops.
Unbeknowst to the inventors of the Laptop they have a secondary use: as a Beagle Warmer!
Whenever 'DH' or 'TBO' sit down on the sofa with their laptops soon a Beagle will appear beside them and then they start to manoeuvre themselves so they are lying along side the cooling vent. They then have a blast of lovely warm air blowing across themselves and they are super comfy!

So tonight 'DH' is still working away though it's past 10pm, he does however have company:

Two very comfy and VERY pooped beagles!

I tell you , it's a hard life being a Beagle!!!

Glittery Katie xx


Kathi said...

How cute! (Both your dh and the beagles).

One of my neighbors just got a beagle puppy and I thought of you.

Unforgotten Angel said...

My babies haven't figured out about the warmth yet. They just like to play with the keys. Yikes!

BTW what is that incredibly kewl music playing in the background that sounds like a haunted jewel box?

Sparkly Engineer said...

What clever puppies. Mine haven't figured that out yet.