3 August 2011

I can see clearly now......

....I have new glasses!!!

YAY I have new specs and I can see!!!
I hadn't realised how poor my close vision had become until I put these on this morning- I can see the keyboard clearly now!!
I knew I needed a new pair because I had been lifting my specs out of the way when I read or crafted but didn't realise HOW long sighted I'd become until I did the reading test with the optician last week!

So now I am the proud owner of a shiny new pair of Varifocal specs- so I can see Near, FAR and in the middle all sparkly clear!! Thanks to everyone at Specsavers in Bicester especially the very nice lady who let me do the glaucoma puff test just once in each eye 'cos I am a baby and hate it so much!!!
I just have to spend some time letting my brain get used to this pair then I can go order my free second pair, i fancy a nice burgundy or red pair I think!!! :)
Here's me pulling my usual 'photo' face!!!

Happy crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxxx


Kathi said...

They are very stylish and look great on you.

I love your blouse/shirt/top too.

I am itching to know about that display of tanks and such behind you in the photo.

P.S. Pity poor me who has glaucoma testing every three months. Whinge, whinge, whinge. :D

Cheryl Valadez said...

Katie, you are rocking those new specs, lady! Very sassy ;D