10 September 2007

Pink Chilluns and the Fur Child!

Recently the 'Crew' have gone back to school with much wailing and gnashing of teeth!! Mind you I don't blame them - it was a very laid back Summer hols and it is hard to go back to the routine of school! In preparation for school clothes were bought, 2nd mortgage was taken out for shoes (tee-hee!), last minute panic buying sessions to Woolies for pens, pencils and other forgotten sundries and they were ready! And the deed was done which left me and Willow on our ownsome! We are getting into a routine with the school run and walkies. I must say- this walkies business is not the chore I imagined it would be- I actually .....enjoy it *gasps* :O)
No really- there are a pack of dog owners who go to the park near us and it's a joy to go and chat.
Willow has puppy pals she rolls around with (feet and ears flying!) and she meets the older dogs and learns how to interact with them properly! I meanwhile chatter away to the owners who are a great source of information and sometimes comforting words- when I am a panicy puppy owner (remember this is my FIRST dog!)
My Miss Willow is getting BIG!!!! Must be because I keep feeding her-Hmmmmm maybe reduced rations will stunt the ever growing chilluns too and save on the clothes bill??!! AS IF!!!!!!!Hee-hee!!!!
As well as walkies- snoozies seem to be a big part of the regime- very strenuous but we do our part!!

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