13 September 2007


Ok I'm slow coming to this but we've been dutifully watching since Heroes started on BBC2- and OMG we LOVE it- totally hooked!!!!

Here's a kt stylee assessment- full of depth as usual *snorts*
Hiro and Ando are so sweet!
Peter Petrelli is lovely (but what's with the wonky lip!!!)
Claire- UGH put those ribs away!!!
Anthan Petrelli- sleezy but GORGEOUS!!
DL- I'd snog him!!
Niki- kick ass!!
Isaac- cute but why is he hanging out with weird skinny- poppy eyed woman?
Mohinder- I like, especially the way he talks!
Matt- he's lovely!
Mr Bennet- scarey creepy guy.
The Hatian- He's creepy but I definitely would!

Hiro is my all time, hands down fave cos he's so dedicated, enthusiastic and kinda wacky!!!!
Go Hiro, Go!!!!

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