26 August 2007

Things they don't include in the books!!!!

..never owned a dog before (my Mum wasn't into that sort of thing!!) and I've made LOTS of discoveries, NONE of which were mentioned in the extensive list of books I read:-

~Puppies fart...enough to stink out a room!
~Puppies love veggies!
~My puppy eats her own pooh (ugh)
~We cheered when Willow buried then FOUND her first item (OK it was only a carrot!!)
~Puppies sleep a lot
~Puppies snore!
~Having a puppy makes you a magnet for everyone and strangers talk to you...well to the puppy!!!
~Beagles have BIG ears that soak up water from their bowl and transports it around the house!!
~Willow loves drinking from the end of the hose...a puddle...buckets almost anywhere OTHER than her nice clean drinking water.
~Puppies chew...ALL THE TIME!
~Puppies are unbelievably adorable
~Puppies are unbelievably annoying
~Puppies are unbelievably funny
~People walking their dogs in the park are REALLY helpful and full of kind words for nervous new puppy owners.
~Puppies like Lego (children are NOT keen on this)
~Willow loves sleeping behind the TV
~Willow sunbathes
~Beagles NEVER lift their nose off the ground except to eat something
~Willow kisses us
~Willow sucks my fingers when she's sleepy
~Willow makes groany noises when tired
~We love Willow and can't imagine her not being in our family

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