11 March 2007

Scrap-a-go-go GO!!!

Very excited this month because for the FIRST time I am buying a kit! Not just any kit- it's a Scrapa-go-go kit and it's looks yummy! I was lucky enough to get my name down for one of the single March kits that Lorraine does and wonderful it looks too. Cannot wait (although I HAVE to!!) until the 15th of March when it will be winging it's way to me!! They have one of my fave scrappers Alison McGovern on their design team another point that tempted me to join in the fun!!
Check out the ScrapaGoGo site and drool over the kit too!


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

You will lurve your gogo kit ;) But Oi you!!! Why aren't I one of your fave scrappers too??? You can't go playing favourites with the design team you know...

*goes off in a huff*

Caz said...

You will not be disappointed Katie....Lorraine's kits are always lush. Playing favourites...what about me....stamps feet. Ok, tantrum over. Not long until the 15th, and they generally arrive the next day.