9 March 2007

Butterscotch Dreaminess Ahhhhhh!!!!

Take 300ml of milk and one packet of Butterscotch Angel Delight make two thirtysomethings VERY happy!!!
"Dh" and I had been reminiscing about kids food and how everyone NOW is so anti-colourings and anti-sugar and anti-this-and-that that it's a wonder we ever survived with our 1970's diet. I remember when Bird's custard was BRIGHT yellow whereas now it's a kinda pale buttermilk shade. Mucron medicine was actually palatable (sinus sufferer here!) because it was so full of sugar that it would crystalize!!
Recently at school the headmistress has decided that break is to ONLY be fruit or veg, no crisps or biccies allowed. Slight problem in that my children are not big on fruit and veg and to be honest I'm MORE concerned about getting some calories into their fast growing bodies! Obesity is NOT a problem for my three striplings whereas keeping them fed with something with a bit of bulk has become a huge political issue because cereal bars might contain nuts and there are nut allergy sufferers in the school.
I would be mighty worried if my children had a severe allergy but there has to come a point where the parents and the child itself needs to take the responsiblity for their care. I suffered attrocious hayfever as a child (still do) and I had to limit what activities I did at certain times and places because of it. Playing in cornfields, grassy meadows and evening jaunts were NOT possible for me but it eiether go without or be laid low with massively swollen eyes and breathing problems. I understand nut allergies are potentially deadly but then so are bee/wasp allergies and some peoples asthma and wasps are not erradicated are they??

Anyway rant over- and it IS directed at the nannying attitude of schools, not individuals- makes me mad as heck!!

So I made the BEST PUDDING IN THE WORLD for 'DH' and I last night-Butterscotch Angel Delight, with Hundreds and Thousands sprinkled on top for that full 70's throwback feeling.
And it tasted like heaven *swoon*
I think we may have a convert in our midst though as 'The blonde one' had a taste and was rather taken with it, deciding that he'd like some next Publishtime I buy a packet...*grumble* less for us!!!

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joy said...

ROFL!!! I am sooooooo with you..... bring on the sugar.... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :P