18 February 2007

Dare 41 is up!!!!

A Week in Pictures was this weeks Speshal Dare and what a toughie we all found it! Having said that there is an bucket full of stonking inspiration on the Everyone is Speshal Blog! It seemed that the tough subject made us all stretch our scrapping muscles just a little bit harder resulting in some really unique layouts!
I took the title literally and used 35 1x1" photies to show what we'd been upto since Wednesday. I decided on 35 mini photies for the simple reason I have 7x5" photo paper!!! A No Brainer there!! Some of the things we'd done had been so ordinary that I had no photos- for example we'd been to Blockbusters and rented 'Open Season'. I found a piccie of the Open Season DVD online and used that. Other things I took slightly 'staged' photos of (such as our 1st Hot Cross Buns of the season!!) to remind us!
I used Photoshop Elephants 2 and opened and resized my piccies to 1x1". I then opened a 'New' 7x5" document in File and moved the resized piccies across- time consuming but it worked out really well.
Because of the mix of colours in the photos I chose a neutral paper as the background and was delighted to discover this 7gypsies 'Home' paper was ideal as it had a graph paper effect on it so lining my photies up was a snip!
My Autumn Leaves Clear Scribble Stamps and my Arrow stamps from Ness at Papermaze were used AGAIN- I love those stamps SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!
For a splash of colour I resorted to WHSmith's Watercolour pencils!! That is when I can wrestle them back from "The Blonde One's" grasp!! I simply went over the stamped images with a coloured pencil - job done!
Coming after last weeks celebration of 'Simple Pleasures' this challenge to recors a week in pictures was ideal. It made me appreciate WHAT we do in a week even if it's not the BIG stuff like birthdays. As a family we enjoy watching funny DVD's and then quoting lines from them, having a cakie from the shop, buying the first Hot Cross Buns, making popcorn- all silly, inconsequentila stuff REALLY but it's OUR stuff and it was lovely to capture it for the future!

Layout Materials
Patterned Paper: 7gypsies
Autumn Leaves Stamps: Scribble alphabet; Hearts and Stars; You are Here
Other: Watercolour pencils, Tombo Black Pen; 7gypsies Gaffer Tape.

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Anonymous said...

katie, this is blooming gorgeous!!!!! i can tell how much work went in....

i am telling dh i WANT those stamps. OMG....... going on the birthday wish list!