22 February 2007

Been Stocking Up!

It was that time to stock up on some scrapping essentials- nothing beautiful or that makes you go 'Oooh" but those things you CANNOT scrap without.
I had a pizza box of Bazzill Cardstock arrive from PaperArts yesterday. I use
black, white, cream and dark brown cardstock such a lot that I decided I needed to top up my stocks I also ordered some Crimson cardstock too as it' s a lush shade of red (I'd used it as part of my Scrapbook Sisters DT kit) yet a red Bazzill cardstock seems to be as rare as hen's teeth!!
Yellow or orange now I'd find that as easy as pie (are scrappers anti yellow and orange??!) but red- it's hard to track down....now don't all stampede to the shops and buy it all up, I don't want to be responsible for a world shortage of Red Bazzill!!!
My Hera supplies arrived this morning from Gina's Crafty Ideas- I tend to get a bit twitchy and nervous if the Herma stocks fall below three!! I don't know how I EVER managed to craft before I found Herma- it's such a Godsend just cannot manage without it!! The kids use it too if they have school projects etc- I mean it's BAM! and it's stuck- no messing and no waiting for drying either- magic!! Oh dear I sound like a dodgy cleaning product advert don't I??? *snigger*

Well I have Inchies to play with- I was happy as a crafter in ink and Glossy Accents on Monday so I'm going back for more today!! Clare Brown- damn you for giving me a new obsession!!! LOL. See Clare's Blog for examples of her lucious Inchies- small on size but BIG on artistry!
THis will sound daft (feel free to laugh at me!) but until I cut out and 1x1" piece of card I didn't realise HOW small an Inchie was- mad aren't I??!!
Right off to play!!!

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