25 January 2007

Technology- the bugs are back!

Spent yesterday locked out of my Forum. Well in fact it was ping-pong for the others- sometimes they were in, sometimes they were out whereas I was just OUT! "You cannot be serious" *throws down sweaty headband and keyboard and storms off*
Apparently the server swap on Monday has raised issues with my ISP- why am I not surprised?? Oh that's right because my ISP is PANTS!!!!

So I want to wave and spread glitter on all my forum pals *Sprinkles* miss you all and hope to be back nattering soon!!

Anyway I am scrapping piccies of my two littles losing their teeth at Christmas. I tell you, what with the Tooth Fairy in and out and Santa too- it was like Clapham Junction here on Christmas Eve!!! Apparently (according to the Boy with Hair) I speak to the Tooth Fairy whereas Daddy is in contact with Santa!! So there you go!

The wonderful Jaq sent me my second Dolly Bead yesterday and today Thumbelina arrived. I am so in love with these beads (can you tell) each one has a little story to tell and a little memory attached *warm snuggly feelings*

Excited today because I'm expecting my Scrapbook Sisters DT kit to arrive soon, can't wait to rummage and start playing. Keep an eye on their BLOG here to see everyone's layouts soon!!

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