17 December 2006

Journey to the Hinterland-well Lincolnshire

I was describing Lincolnshire to my French friend and it was described thus: "Flat!"
I was born there and my Big Sis lives there- it's an awkward place to get to from our Acorn tree- North to South and vice versa is fine but any travelling that involves East to West or diagonals is a tricky business indeed.
Still we set off at 09.15 and arrived before Noon which has to be our best time so far! Maybe everyone was out Christmas shopping and NOT on the roads to Lincs??!
The journey has become an anual event and really for me it signals the start of Christmas. Getting together with my Sister is a wonderful thing but beware strangers!!! Our finishing each others sentences, bursting simultaneously into songs, film references and tinkling (OK cackling!) laughter might be off putting for those not 'in the know"
Our DH's have had nearly 16 years of this behaviour and they either join in or smile tolerantly at us- bless 'em!
My Sis's family is what you would call a 'stretched one' and makes for an interesting mix of cousins. Her two youngest children are in sequence with my three which is cool-
Sister's first ages 16 then 13 then my three ages 10, 7 and 5.....almost three years between all five of them Cool eh???!!
THEN my Sister has three older children aged, 25, 30 and 31!!! Now this makes them closer to me an age and infact the eldest two have children of their own who are the same sort of age as my three kids!!Confused yet??!
So as I say it makes for an interesting mix of peeps and yet there's a common bond that means we get along- a shared sense of humour!!
I don't think my little ones can quite grasp that these adults are ALSO their cousins!!
Add to the mix three LARGE malamute dawgies and you have a busy, fun and hairy start to the Christmas Season!!!

I couldn't believe how much my youngest Niece and Nephew had grown- SJ is in the category of FREAKISHLY tall- she is towering above me and dear sweet girl even patted me on the head *glower* she is a little bit Goth and yet is a wearer of stripey socks! CJJ's is growing taller and growing his hair too- seems to be the thing as my boys are for going their regualr lock shearing too!

I love choosing pressies for my Sister and her family!! Their pressies are also spot on. I guess we know each other SO well!! Probably the nicest thing is the traditional presents we exchange, SM will always my DH shortbread as he loves it and it's the ONLY time he gets some! We always buy SM's youngest a top to wear on Chrstmas Day!!
Silly but it's comfortable and wonderful and fun!!

We filled our boots with party nibbles, we had a wonderful spread- eleven of us managed to put away a fair bit- but then we were expending LOTS of energy chatting!!

All too soon it was time to head home. We left feeling full of warm (CHristmas nibbles!) feelings and all chatted out! There's nothing quite as nice as My Sister's family and our family getting together especially with the wonderful way we start Christmas. Can't wait to the next visit!

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