15 December 2006

Christmas is nearly upon us!!!

Well it was the last day of term and I for one was rather glad!
It's been a hard week with ALL of us having this wretched cold at some point- however we now have 2 weeks to recover and Christmas to look forward to!
DH bought the tree today and we had three excited bunnies come home to decorate it!
We put on some Chrissy music- the classics like Wizzard and Slade (well we are 70's babies!) and we totally rocked that tree!
We're not ones for colour coordination or themes, no it's more like tip it ALL on the tree! Of course we do have a tried and tested method that gets us from naked tree to fully lit and decorated very quickly:-
Lights, tinsel, baubles, the rest then the Angel. our Angel is treated with great reverence because she's very old. Ma & Pa bought her in Deutschland in 1961 and she's made of wax and foil paper. She's been doing sterling service for 45 years and is treated carefully at all times!!
OK true she does only work for about two weeks a year but what she does, she does well!! And here is the tree all finished and lit- very Christmassy and atmospheric!
I love a real tree- the whole house has that lovely tangy fresh pine smell- REAL pine smell not like a toilet cleaner!!
ROLL of Christmas!!

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