26 October 2006

Technology- Grrrrrrrr!

Yesterday I woke up early but not to worry I thought- I'll get online and browse. There's nothing nicer than a little bit of time to yourself- a cup of tea and a bit of forum time catching up and chatting with pals.
Well my fave site wouldn't load- odd I thought, as it kept timimg out.
Empty Cache
Reset Cookies
Reboot (several times)
Nothing, Nada, Nyet *insert VERY cross face here*
I swapped browsers- I tried THREE for goodness sake.
Jiggled Network settings
Checked passwords and security.
Nothing, Nada, Nyet
Email ping pong ensued with the girls in the know- they were none the wiser either.
Was it my new version of Firefox maybe- well no as I'd surfed fine the previous day and my other 2 browsers were not connecting to this site either.
I was running low on options and getting rather desperate to see my pals!

Finally it connected....why???? I HAVE NO IDEA...it just did!!!

I re-registered because of course the site would NOT recognise my reset password and off I went. Happy again......
.....until this morning....
YUP same old, same old....

Forum gals....miss you *waves sadly* will see you later...maybe *sniffs*


Anonymous said...

Miss you babes!

Anonymous said...

Oh babe hugs see you soon :)