28 October 2006

I am the PIG TAMER!!!!

I've always liked piggies! Back in my teenage days (many moons ago!!) I collected a few piggies- iddy biddy ones.
When we visited Cerza - the animal park in Lisieux France in August I met my first Vietnamese Pot bellied piggy- he was just as is names suggests, pot bellied it was dragging on the floor!!!!
Well I tickled him about the ear and next thing his collapsed on his side for me to tickle said pot belly!!!! Cute and VERY funny!!!
Well we took a trip out to a Milletts Farm. They have fabby cakies, produce, toys for kiddies, a restaurant, animals AND a craft shop!!! Something for ALL the family!
Well after a sausage roll each (a bit of a tradition in our family dating back to when I was small!!) we set off to see the creatures.
They have a lovely selection of very tolerant animals; sheep, goats, guinnea pigs, geese, cows, pigs, peacocks (great for the feathers!!), swans and alpaca (who look like they have some bendy disease of the neck!!)
Well I walked past Mr. Piggy and he was fuffling in the grass- so I said 'hello'. Well he came over to see me and I tickled his ear....collapse one pig!!!! He then went to sleep in front of me....I am the pig tamer...or maybe the Pig borer!!!!
Well we had to leave him and he grunted nicely as we headed for cakes!

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Jaffers said...

Perhaps he was cowering in fear...you'd just eaten SAUSAGE ROLLS, he could SMELL his friends on your breath, you fiend!!!