16 October 2006

Resistance is Futile!!!

Well that's what the Borg would say if they were into Felting!!
My Coco bag went in last nigh and after 2 1/2 hours came out again.
The flower I had in there and the i-cord were bother perfect- the bag was not as I'd hoped.
After investigations on line and friendly chats with fellow felters (thanks Debbie and Frenchiejo!) I have discovered that Noro Kureyon is a cunning fox in the world of wool. Apparently it can resist felting!!!! To me this implies a mind at work but apparently this is wishful thinking on my part! It is only the scales on the wool at work- so there you go!
Anyhoo it's barely 7am and the bag is back in for another 60 degree wash- what can I say, I was keen!!!!
Here's how it looked last night :-

Hopefully it will be more felty later today!

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