15 October 2006

Felting TIME!!!!

Well my Coco bag is finished- the extra Noro arrived yesterday morning and I had knitted almost all of it up by the evening- I am a KNITTING MANIAC!!!!
I am very pleased with myself because I cast off the bag in an i-cord styee- new skill for me!
This morning I sat and knitted 9 feet of I-cord for the straps and found it very easy- it was only 2 stitches after all and it appeared really fast!
So I am ready to throw it into the washine machine and get FELTING!!!! YAY!!!
This is the magic part- also a bit nerve wracking too!!

Seemingly enless yards of i-cord!!!!
And is it a bag...is it a hat....well someone has made up her mind what it is!!!!

1 comment:

Bernie said...

Katie, you have so got to scrap this photo...should get you back into the swing of things:)
Love it!
Bernie X