3 October 2006

An Inky Weekend

On Saturday I got up WAY Too early for the weekend and set off to Stroud in Glos.
I navigated FANTASTICALLY- a minor miracle for me and I arrived promptly at 9am.
It was wonderful to walk in and be greeted by Kirsty Wiseman and Linz!
Kirsty leaned back and declared I was 'too bloody tall" well I did warn you I was freakishly tall!!
I soon met up with the lovely Greyparrot in the kitchen and we nattered away and I admired her Millionaire's Shortbread she'd made. Admiration turned to deepest joy when I chowed down on said shortbread- heavenly! The Maltezer cake by LindaB and several cups of coffee kept me buzzing for what was a brilliant day!!

I was lucky enough to sit between Roz and her well stacked AMM tote (apologies for delving into it accidentally- I DIDN'T remember buying Heidi Swapp sandpaper but I was happy to accept it was mine!!!) and Rudishoes who was such a giggle. Rudi I am REALLY sorry for MAKING you tell your deeply personal and embarassing story to the whole room. I hope the glitter you won will heal those wounds.
I'm shameful really I am!

Well Miss Wiseman put us through our paces making a superb 6x6 minibook from corrugated card, CD jewell cases and cardstock all deeply weathered and textured.
Anyone who knows me knows i LURVE texture and inkiness and we really set too with the black paint. Amazing how well applied acrylic paint turns acetate from flat clear plastic into a classy and cool grungy frame for a photo.

I admit I've been a little scrapping challenged of late but Kirsty's class has kick started the desire to scrap! So Kirsty - THANK YOU babes!

Next is was Emily Falconbridge's class. Emily has appeared in the beloved Autumn Leaves 'Designing with" series of books and has a funky eclectic style that i just adore. As a published scrapper Emily is considered a scrapping celeb but she is one cool chic! On Aussie living in the States she totally 'gets' the Brit scrappers frustrating with high prices as well as getting our humour!

Emily bought an air of calm with her and her ultra cute daughter too. I have to admit I envied her daughter's princess crown (must add to Christmas list along with a new pair of Fairy wings!!)

After admitting that she too had started her scrapping career by cutting photos into shapes and using cheesy titles we all giggled guiltily and bonded! However Emily revealed that one part of the class was to make shaped photos fab and funky again and we sure ROCKED that technique.

We sanded, glittered (heaven!), cut, stapled, painted and collaged.
How did 2 hours pass so fast?
It was a blast and the best way to spend a saturday.
Friends, chattering,meeting new friends, coffee, chocolate treats and scrapping....
....well what more could a gal want!

So to Roz, Rudishoes, Greyparrot, Linz, Kirsty, Emily and Ivy THANK YOU!!!
and kellyG will you be knitting a Noni bag now???!!*grin*


joanna said...

KT, darling, it was a joy and a pleasure to sit next to you, oh glittery one!! I didn't mind at all that you forced me to tell my sad tale of woe and blistering humiliation!!! Of course the glitter more than made up for it. Look forward to seeing you again :) xx

greyparrot said...

and to you too darlinly similarly tall person! Was a fab day and totally loved chatting witcha!