3 October 2006

Attack of the Lurg!

Been feeling a bit grots the last three days.
This morning I got up and was doing the usual morning stuff to 'drive my piggies to market" and was rather short of breath.
Now I don't know about you but I rather rely on my ability to breathe- call me ungrateful but I do rather take them old bags of wind for granted.
I will 'fess up now and say I don't have the healthiest lungs in the world- having been cursed (snicker!) with Asthma for a LONG time.
To be honest I never used to take having 'A' seriously and soldiered on with wheezes and things for years. However recently I have been treated to something of a miracle in the form of a NEW inhaler.
Just the name conjures images of the Formula 1 version of inhalers.


Whenever I say TURBOHALER I have to resist the urge to go tan-tan-ta-da in a superhero music type way!!!
BUt TURBO is sure is....my blue 'haler is a thing of the past....don't use it...don't need to! FREE!!!!
So that's why it was even more of a shock to be short of breathe today-had TURBO failed me??

Anyway a trip to the lovely Doc and I find that Turbo is doing his job (see it's becoma a 'he' now...why do i do that??!) but he is being hampered by.......

.....The Evil Chest Infection.....BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

The upshot is I am REALLY pooped and I have horse pills to take for ten days...I kid you not they are HORSE pills.

Still it means I will be up and about and being my usual annoying self VERY soon- HOORAY!!!!


joanna said...

Oh my lovely, a chest infection is NOT good news; wishing you well and in fine health before very much longer. Are you coughing up green stuff yet??!!! :D {{{soothing hugs}}} xx

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I never knew you woz not well. Hope the horse pills do the trick.
Love karen